'How the Westies Won' Survey - Part 3

Q3 Did you gain anything from your experience in the show, 'How the Westies Won'?

100% of the respondents said 'Yes' to this question which is an onverwhelming incentive to continue to provide this opportunity of working together and achieving a goal together, to young people.


Some comments we received:

Exposure to musical productions and confidence to perform on stage

I gained confidence, new friends & singing skills

My independence has improved a lot

I met a lot of people, I gained a lot more confidence than I had before

I gained a greater sense of freedom that can only come from being on stage and being a part of something as amazing as this production. The people I have met participating in this production I will cherish forever

I've gained lots of confidence

Amazing to see how the play comes together, new friends, a lot of fun

I extremely enjoy performing and getting to work with new people was a lot of fun. Learning how to motivate others and help people give their best performance

Yes, I gained a lot of confidence on stage

Overcame my fears of being in front of an audience

Sense of teamwork and commaradre

Self-confidence and learning to work with others, especially younger people

Enjoyment, sense of achievement, confidence and feeling that we were doing something worthwhile

I have gained a lot of self-belief and confidence in myself. I have also gained a lot of new friends

I have gained more courage, friends and a lot of self-belief

I learnt a lot in how to lead people and encourage. I also learnt that I had more patience than I thought. 

Yes, I gained a lot more confidence on stage and became closer with the other players

Definitely a sense of belonging and family. Love getting up on stage surround by my friends and family, lots of confidence gained

A sense of community, I learnt what I was capable of, it pushed me without feeling pressured, confidence

Gained many beautiful friendships



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