'Pirates' Survey - Part 3

Q3. As part of the players did you feel a sense of belonging?
Of the 29 people surveyed, 89% strongly agreed that they felt a sense of belonging from being a part of the N.I.C.K. Foundation Players.

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'Pirates' Survey - Part 2

Q2. Have you developed some new friendships since being a part of the N.I.C.K. Players?
Of the 29 people surveyed, 86% strongly agreed that they had developed new friendships since being a part of The N.I.C.K. Foundation Players.

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'Pirates' Survey - Part 1

After the recent production of 'Pirates', the N.I.C.K. Foundation gathered some feedback from the cast and crew of the play, about how they had felt about their experience with the N.I.C.K. Foundation and the N.I.C.K. Foundation Players.

Twenty-nine 'Pirates' cast and crew members, ranging in age from 13-30 completed the survey. They were asked a series of questions which we have gathered below.

Q1. How many N.I.C.K. Foundation Productions have you been involved in?
Of the 29 people interviewed, 24% had been involved in five of the N.I.C.K. Foundation Players productions, while 29% had been involved in six.

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'How the Westies Won' Survey - Part 6

The final part of the survey consists of general comments about the participants involvement in the N.I.C.K. Foundation Players and 'How the Westies Won'. 


Great experience would do it again any day. Can't wait for next year!!!

See you next year!

I hope the N.I.C.K. Foundation keeps growing

Loved it, another great play all round

I'd recommend getting involved in future shows in any form. It's great!

It has been a lot of fun being in the N.I.C.K. Foundation and I have gained a lot

Thank you for this amazing experience

I hope the N.I.C.K. Foundation keeps doing plays because I will be in them every year. Best time of my life.

Become involved - one of the best things anybody could experience, loads of fun amazing sense of community

I am really happy I was involved. You are doing a beautiful thing

'How the Westies Won' Survey - Part 5

Q5 Would you recommend being a part of the show to others?

100% of the participants said that they would recommend being a part of the show to others


Q6 What is one thing that has had a positive influence on you?

The N.I.C.K. Foundation Players had the following comments to make about positive influences from being a part of the play:

Teamwork and encouragement within the group. Connectivity and sense of belonging

Being around great people and being a part of something so amazing

I have become a lot more confident in public

Being around such great people and not have too much pressure

Not having to rely on other people to do the work for me

The way everyone embraces you and are genuinely interested in your day to day life

The people in the group

The people

Seeing people with limited to no experience give it their all made me strive to do better myself

Going out there

Being able to act and sing in front of sold out shows!

Sharing the experiences/pressures of the play with the crew

Working with others who are so positive and motivating has influenced me to carry myself the same way

The N.I.C.K. Foundation younger group of players

Being around new people

Seeing people grow and develop including myself. But probably seeing a production come together after an idea is put on paper.

Getting funny and loveable, out-there characters has really made me really enjoy my time with N.I.C.K. Foundation

Getting to know people better and supporting each other

The support and encouragement of all the cast and crew that create a fun environment that makes you want to come back each year and be more involved

Working with legends

The dedication of everyone involved

The most positive influence was the connections with happy caring and motivating people, I have been inspired

The sense of community and feeling welcome


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