'Pirates' Survey - Part 8

Q8. Any other comments or recommendations?
It keeps getting better each year and it is extremely enjoyable to be a part of the show. The whole N.I.C.K. Players group is a great team.
Loved being a part of the show once again. Can't wait for the next instalment!
Great effort from all young people stepping up into production team roles and setting a good example to all new cast and crew
It's a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.
This is an amazing experience for all involved, I hope it continues for a long time!
If you have the chance, do it!

'Pirates' Survey - Part 6

Q6. What is one thing that has had a positive influence on you?
Being part of the production team and seeing the younger cast members develop their skills.
The people around me
Everyone's positivity, becoming more confident and making new friends. Working in a team.
Surrounded by awesome people
Interaction with different age groups
The encouraging, nurturing nature of all cast and crew
A part of a family
The development of the younger cast
The positivity from the group seeing young people develop skills and the happiness from the group!
The support and encouragement of the other members and the drive to improve each year
The beautiful people I get to work with each year make this experience so positive
Witnessing interactions between old and young
The level of dedication all of N.I.C.K. has
The sense of camaraderie
The positive and uplifting atmosphere of the group
Watching others display leadership

'Pirates' Survey - Part 7

Q7. Would you recommend being a part of the show to other people?
Of the 29 people interviewed, 100% would recommend being a part of The N.I.C.K. Foundation Players to other people.

'Pirates' Survey - Part 5

Q5. Did you gain any new skills from your experience in 'Pirates'?
Theatre skills, leadership skills.
Courage to get on stage out of my comfort zone.
Confidence and courage
Confidence to get up in front of a big crowd
Yes, getting up in front of a big crowd
Yes, working with new people.
Yes, confidence to take on a larger role.
I learnt how to balance my schedule with my sports and homework as well as this
I gained new friendships
Increased confidence with starting new conversations with people I don't know very well
Being more confident
Being more confident towards other people
Greater confidence in performance

'Pirates' Survey - Part 4

Q4. Were you provided with support and direction throughout the show?
Of the 29 people surveyed, 93% felt that they were strongly supported throughout the show.

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